Narrative Mechanics: Our Approach to Design

After trying many different approaches, we found that this process worked for us and helped us to make informed decisions for our mechanics. 

Three things we learned from MIGW17

In October, the Myriad team travelled over to the mainland to experience the wonder that is Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW).


Master Ch(i)ef

A little information about me: I am rubbish at making anything remotely close to art. The second my hand grips a pen and I touch that pen to paper my mind goes completely blank. I’ll scribble nonsense until I am so ashamed that I feel like sacrificing my hand to the God of Arts as a… Read more »


Reality Checks

We have been working on our main project for a while now, and during that time there have been several large changes of scope for the game.


Small Beginnings

Hi there – we’re a small team of five based out of Hobart, Tasmania. We met through the Tasmanian Game Development Society, after attending events and participating in game jams.